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TerraBlue Mercury-Vapor Lamp, 160w

TerraBlue Mercury-Vapor Lamp, 160w

Provides vital UVA & UVB light for reptiles. 
Essential for reptiles to synthesize vitamin D3 & helps prevent metabolic bone disease. 
Stimulates appetite & helps facilitate natural behavior. 
Promotes healthy organ development & immune system. 
Self-ballasted with universal E26 lamp base.
Full spectrum daylight with UVA and UVB lightwaves
UVA light promotes proper feeding, digestion, basking, and reproduction
UVB light promotes vitamin D3 synthesis necessary for reptiles to metabolize minerals regulate their immune system and proper organ development
Helps prevent metabolic bone disease and calcium deficiency
Promotes health and natural behavior in reptiles
Stimulates appetite by making food more appealing
Self-ballasted, E26 lamp base fits all major reptile lamp fixtures with a ceramic or porcelain lamp socket
Features Benefits
Made in China
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