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TFH Raising Live Foods

TFH Raising Live Foods

By Michael R. Hellweg. Most pet reptiles and amphibians eat live foods. While some types of live foods are available at pet stores, there are dozens of other animals that make perfect foods for various herps. The best way to provide this variety to your pets is to raise some of these foods yourself. Additionally, raising your own food allows you to provide your pets with prey that's the proper size and species for them and to control the prey's diet. The end result is a healthier diet for your herps.                                                                               This guide is a complete instruction manual for obtaining, raising, and feeding live foods to reptiles and amphibians. The colorful sidebars, boxes, and photographs illustrate key topics essential to anyone raising feeder animals. Raising Live Foods will enable you to produce plenty of healthy food for your pet herps.  
Michael R. Hellweg is a successful aquarist and herper who raise many species of live food for his fish.
He has written over 100 articles for local national hobbyist organizations and is regularly published in Tropical Fis Hobbyist and other publications.
He is the author of Culturing Live Foods: A-Step-by-Step Guide for Culturing One's Own Food for the Home Aquarium.
Features Benefits
Copyright 2009
coverage of numerous food species, including crickets, roaches, mealworms, fruit flies, earthworms, snails, shrimp, fish, rodents, finches, and more
discussion of which prey species are suitable for the different reptiles and amphibians
step-by-step instructions guide you through the whole process of culturing live foods
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