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Omega One Super Veggie Brown Seaweed

Omega One Super Veggie Brown Seaweed

Omega One Super Veggie Brown Seaweed
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For all saltwater and freshwater algae grazers. Saltwater species: Tangs, Angels, Moorish Idols, Wrasses, Parrotfish, Damsels, some large Butterflyfish, and all other saltwater algae grazers. Freshwater species: Plecos, African Cichlids, Fancy Goldfish, Live Bearers, Kissing Gouramis, and all other freshwater algae grazers. 
100% dried seaweed
Excellent source of important vitamins and minerals including B6, B12, B3, C, E, Iron, Potassium, and trace elements
Min. protein 24%
Min. fat 3%
Max. fiber 3%
Max. moisture 10%
Features Benefits
100% natural 24 sheets
Replicates natural grazing habits
Great treat food
Made in USA
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